Let's Live Green.

Energy Wise

  • Designed to meet LEED® Gold Standards

  • Programmable thermostats and individual unit sub-meters for personal comfort

  • Energy-efficient lighting and ENERGY STAR appliances

  • Motion light sensors in common areas

  • Double-glazed low-E windows provide excellent insulation

Transit Smart

  • A model Transit Oriented Development (TOD) for easy commuting

  • Located directly adjacent to the South Orange, NJ Transit train station

  • Lighting and treescapes designed for pedestrian safety

  • Bike storage promotes alternatives to auto transit

Water Minded

  • Blue and green roofs for storm water management

  • Ground level river stone basins for infiltration

  • Underground retention tank to reduce environmental impact

  • 30% water reduction and low-flow fixtures lower utility bills

Breathe Easy

  • Ventilation systems for healthy, clean and comfortable interior living environments

  • Low-VOC paints, coatings and carpets for healthier living

  • Community-minded, smoke-free building