Third and Valley

Third and Valley

South by South Orange Festival Coming to South Orange This Summer

This summer a new music festival is coming to South Orange, produced by South Orange Village and Seton Hall University, in partnership with the South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC). Taking place June 26-28 and named after a popular music festival is Austin, SOXSO was conceived as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the creative process and showcase the many ways that arts, science and creativity “collide” to produce innovation. Considered the first such festival in New Jersey, “Creative Collisions” focuses on the intersection where art, music, ideas, education and technology meet and the creative explosions that come from collaboration and improvisation.

Over a 3-day period in late June, SOXSO will feature 12 creative and interactive sessions, 15 musical performances and TED-style talks by Seton Hall professors and community authors, artists and celebrities. Musical performances will take place throughout South Orange Village, and most notably at the South Orange Performing Arts Center’s main stage theatre and Loft.

A “Creative Midway” of unique participatory happenings and community art projects will be a fun kick-off event at SOPAC and will feature a three-ring circus and cocktail party for participants.

Visit the South by South Orange website for tickets and a full schedule of events, and join the fun on Twitter with the hashtag #soxso2015.

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