Third and Valley

Third and Valley

MAM Art Truck Pulls into South Orange


The Montclair Art Museum is headed to South Orange for a July filled with fun events going around our town! A retrofitted ice cream truck that offers free art projects and lessons in local communities, The (MAM) Art Truck is a mobile open studio that travels around providing a unique experience for families and art-fans. The truck makes appearances at festivals, concerts, farmers markets and community pools to help raise awareness of the museum and its art programs.

This July, the MAM Art Truck will be at outdoor concerts at Flood’s Hill, the South Orange Pool and Maplewoodstock. The art truck will be driven by NJ artist Dan Fenelon, who’s current artwork is on exhibit at South Orange Performing Arts Center this summer.

For a full schedule of Art Truck events, see below:

  • Wednesday, July 1, 3–5 p.m. – South Orange Pool


Follow the Montclair Art Truck on Facebook or Instagram to see where it’s headed and what’s going on and what activities it’s offering.

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