Third and Valley

Third and Valley

Fall Fitness in South Orange



Just because the cooler fall weather is about to arrive,  that doesn’t mean we can’t get outdoor exercise. While our Third & Valley fitness center is still being built, The South Orange Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs offers a few ways for you to stay or get fit this fall!


Starting this fall is a new ‘Total Body Circuit’ class. This class is a great option for both those who are relatively fit and are looking for a new experience in exercise or for those just getting started in an exercise routine. The class includes separate exercise stations designed to work all muscle groups, keeping exercise interesting, invigorating, and fun! Under the direction of the fabulous fitness instructor, Robin Weber, classes are held Wednesdays beginning Sept. 16, 9:15-10:00 am. Fee: $110 for 10 Sessions.


For soccer fans, South Orange and Maplewood adults can meet for informal soccer games at New Waterlands on Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. This group includes a range of fitness, age and skill levels.


And for ladies interested in tennis, South Orange Maplewood Women’s Platform Tennis team is looking for new or experienced players. The team practices on Monday mornings and plays in a league on Tuesday/Thursday mornings. The season runs from October through February. If you want to learn more about tennis or to play a better game, tennis clinics and instruction are offered by the US Sports Institute on the Baird courts for all ages and skill levels.


Lucky for us, all these classes and sports are located only a few miles away from Third & Valley. Either hop in your car for a two minute drive, or burn a few extra calories and take the ten-minute walk over to The Baird for classes.

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