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Third and Valley

Tips For Working From Home In Your Third & Valley Apartment

In our digital age, more now than ever we find people getting in their 9-5 right from the comfort of their homes. While our location in South Orange makes for a great commute to NYC and other corporate areas, we know that a good portion of our residents will only be commuting to their living room. Here are our tips for setting up your office here at Third & Valley.


-Working at home doesn’t have to be at home. Local coffee shops and libraries are great places to escape the monotony of a home office space. With our great location at Third & Valley, several great options are just minutes from your door! Be sure to bring a set of headphones, as they can be lifesavers when it comes to outside distractions.


– Find a task management method that works for you and stick with it. You can lose precious time and energy by not deciding ahead of time what you’ll do or how you’ll keep track of what you need to do. Whether it’s an app or planner, pick a method and stick with it.


– Having designated work places and times is key. Your body gets used to a particular rhythm or schedule, and makes getting in the “work zone” easier. Less transition time is needed if it’s part of your daily routine. You can also have cues through rituals, like always making a cup of tea before heading to your home office.


But, hey, if you really need a day of going to the park or movies instead of working, do it! Flexibility and freedom are huge perks of working from home, so take advantage of it. We love our location in South Orange and there are plenty of opportunities around us for playing hooky.

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