Third and Valley

Third and Valley

Making Your Third & Valley Apartment Yours

A new home doesn’t always feel like a home right away– not until you put your own stamp on it. Though we’ve still got some time until move-in, here are our favorite tips on how to make your Third & Valley apartment feel just like home.


Splurge on a Statement Piece


If you’re in the market for a few furniture basics, you may want to consider springing for one that you absolutely love. Whether it’s an antique armoire or a beautiful couch, this sort of splurge will make you enjoy your apartment more. Just make sure the money you’re spending is an investment on a piece you’ll want long-term.


Keep Comforts Around


To make your apartment feel like home, surround yourself with your favorite and most sentimental belongings. This could mean displaying photographs on your dresser, stacking a few of your favorite books on your nightstand, or keeping a secret stash of chocolate in your freezer. Having comforting items around is a bit like hanging onto an old security blanket (in the best possible way).


Add Your Favorite Colors


Nothing makes a bigger impact on a room than color. While painting walls can be a hassle, there are so many other ways to add color to a room with white walls. Throw pillows, a large blanket, flowers, wall décor, all of these elements can set the stage and tone for your home. Adding one or all of these elements can be done on almost any budget.

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