Third and Valley

Third and Valley

Simple Tips for Eco-Friendly Living

Bozzuto is encouraging all their residents to #BeTheGreen  during the month of April. Being green is so much more than recycling, and also includes being environmentally friendly, eating clean, volunteering at local parks and even getting green beauty products.  We put together a few “healthy habits” to try this month during your #BeTheGreen challenge.

*Keep track of the miles you drive each week so you can use that data and try to find ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  Many of the restaurants, bars, shops and parks are within walking distance from Third & Valley so instead of driving a couple of miles, put on your sneakers!

*Did you know vinegar and citrus are great all-purpose cleaners for your apartment? Instead of buying some cleaners that contain chemicals, try making your own.  Here are a few recipes.

*Turn the lights off and pull up the blinds during the day. You won’t be using as much electricity and sunlight is proven to increase happiness.  It’s a win-win situation!

* Coconut oil can be used so many ways; from moisturizing you hair and skin to cooking.  As summer is approaching it’s a good to know that it’s also a sunburn remedy as well..  Here are a few ideas on how coconut oil can benefit you. Thank us later J

* Last but not least, avoid single-use products.  Whether you’re at work or your apartment, try to use a coffee mug instead of Styrofoam cups.  You can also purchase a hard plastic water bottle to use throughout the year so you’re not wasting plastic cups.  Try packing your lunches in glassware or reusable Tupperware as well!

You can learn more about keeping our planet healthy at the Green Festival this month in New York City.  We got you covered with discount tickets.

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