Third and Valley

Third and Valley

Annual National Night out at Flood’s Hill

If you love live music and cover bands then you won’t want to miss Aisle Five who will be performing at the South Orange 7th Annual National Night Out. Aisle Five plays all of your favorite rock from the ‘70’s, ‘80’s and present day. Their music is a mix of Journey, The Clash, Weezer and The Cars. You can visit their website to hear some of their music and find upcoming events.

The Annual National Night Out will take place on Flood’s Hill in South Orange which is just a 15 minute walk or quick bike ride from our apartment complex.  Over 1,000 people on Facebook are interested in attending this event on August 2nd so it’s a great way to get involved with the community.  Attendees will also enjoy giveaways, food trucks and an outdoor movie.

Some of the food trucks you’ll find at the event (based on the previous years) are Amanda BananasBro Ritos, Cheezen, Cupcake CarnivaleEmpanada GuyOutslidersPizza VitaWaffle de Lys and Ms. Fu’s Yummy Food Truck.

Flood’s Hill is a beautiful, big open space where South Orange hosts a lot of their live music events such as South Orange Summer nights.  The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra also played a free show there in June which was a big success!   In August you’ll be able to be able to catch movie’s every Wednesday night which start at 7:45pm.

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